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NAPA leagues are specifically designed to provide fair matches for all levels of players.  Its advanced skill level system, combined with electronic, simplified score keeping make the league enjoyable to play. Every league has its own handicap system, some more convoluted than others.

Most every league gives out trophies, few give out cash prizes, and even fewer certificate awards.  NAPA's payout structure is transparent, and the payouts are larger than the other leagues and generally deeper (more places).  Rather than having league operators run qualifiers and regional events; NAPA itself operations a regional tour - bringing higher dollar tournaments close to the player.

At the end of the session, and it is close as to which team(s) will be "in the money" or win - you will always want to know the statistics of the teams.  NAPA provides near real time statistics, standings, and player information - you will always know where you and your team stands.

Some leagues have you qualify to play in larger events - with NAPA, simply play in the league (10 matches or more) to qualify to play in the larger tour stop tournaments and national championships.

Every league has sandbagging problems - generally these programs are centered around the score keeper or captain.  Marking additional innings, defensive shots, leaving more balls on the table when you lose, etc. No league can completely eliminate these types of problems - but NAPA comes close because it does not keep track of all of these additional things - pure and simple wins and losses determine your skill level and hence your handicap when playing other players.



Annual Dues (per person) NONE $25 $25 $25
Call 8-ball YES YES YES YES
No-Slop 8-Ball YES NO YES  
9-Ball point system NO YES NO NO
Playoffs NO YES NO YES
Payout Transparency YES NO NO NO
Cash Payouts and end of season YES NO YES NO
Player/Sponsor Trophies, Player MVPs YES Depends Depends Depends
League Operator adjusts handicap NO YES NO NO
Range of Handicap 0-150 2-7 or 1-9   2-7
Races based on Handicap YES YES NO YES
Hill-to-Hill Matches (50% or better target) 68% unknown unknown unknown
Results and Scoring known next day YES NO NO NO
Complete Player History available? YES NO NO NO
Player Statistics Web Page Individual YES, from 1993 NONE NONE
Certificates for achievement YES Patches NONE NONE
Player Local Ranking YES YES/Top Gun Yes/By Div NO
Player National Ranking YES NO NO NO
Local Large Tour Stops YES NO NO NO
National Championships Distributed Vegas Vegas Varries
Customized Leagues YES NO DEPENDS NO
1-2-3-4-5 person teams YES NO (2/3/5) NO (3/5) NO (3/5)
Scotch Doubles available YES YES NO NO
Scotch Triples available YES NO NO NO
Electronic Payment for Fees YES DEPENDS DEPENDS DEPENDS
Varied formats (8,9,10) YES 8/9 YES NO




  • APA - make a solid or stripe then that is your group. If you make one of each, open table. If you make the 8 (or 9) on the break you win. (EDIT: if you scratch on the break in 8 ball, the opponent shoots from behind the line. 9 ball is ball in hand.)
  • BCA - open table after the break. If you make the 8 on the break then it gets spotted or you re-rack. Recent rule change for 9 ball: if you make the 9 ball on the break in the back 2 pockets then it is NOT an instant win and you either spot the 9 or re-rack. (EDIT: if you scratch on the break in 8 or 9 ball, the opponent gets ball in hand.)


  • APA - put a ball in a pocket. The only one you have to call/mark is the 8-ball.
  • BCA - you have to call a ball and a pocket on every shot. Most players do not call obvious shots, but banks/kicks/combos/caroms should always be called.


  • APA - you can call a defense, but if the ball goes in then you have to keep shooting.
  • BCA - call a safe shot and sink a ball, the other player shoots.

Push out or roll out (9 ball)

  • BCA & APA Masters - if you break in 9-ball and don't have a good shot on the lowest ball, you can call "push" or "roll out" and shoot another ball. It is then the other players option to take the shot presented or force you to shoot the lowest ball again.

Shooting the 8 ball

  • APA - if you are shooting the 8 ball and scratch (cue ball goes in a pocket or off the table), you lose. If you foul in the process of making the 8 ball then you lose. This even applies to the break; if you get the 8 on the break AND scratch then it's an instant loss
  • BCA - if you are shooting the 8 ball and scratch then it's ball in hand. If you MAKE the 8 ball and scratch then it's a loss.

Match Play

  • APA - you have to win the number of games dictated by your skill level. If two 3s play, then the first to 2 games wins. If it's a 3 and a 5 playing, then the 3 has to win 2 and the 5 has to win 4. In 9 ball there is a points race based on your skill level. The points are 14/19/25/31/38/46/55/65/75 for skill level 1-9.
  • BCA - Each player (5) on a BCA team plays 2 games against each player on the other team, so each player has 10 games per night for a total of 50 games. Your team wins 20 games, you get 20 points. There is no skill level or handicap system.

Jumping (new)

  • APA (normal) - you can jump but you cannot use a shortened jump cue. If you have a 3-piece jump/break cue, you cannot break down the cue to make it shorter. You must do a proper jump (30-45 degree down angle) and no scooping. This tends to discourage jumping since it's a pain to jump with a full length cue, but it can be done.
  • APA Masters - you can use a shortened jump cue or break down a jump/break cue.
  • BCA - you can use a shortened jump cue or break down a jump/break cue.
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