League Matches

Team vs. Individual

Unless explicitly indicated, anytime the term "team" is used, it is meant to indicate one of the following

  • a Single;
  • 3,4 or 5 person team;
  • Scotch Doubles team
  • Scotch Triples team

this terminology is mean to simplify the reading of this material.


Electronic Scoring with a smart phone or tablet solves the problem of turning in score sheets late and not being able to see the results of your match, or anyone else's match in a timely manner.  Competition sheets, Rules, Scratch Sheets, etc are all available online and easily referenced from this portal.  No more printing or waiting for the league operator to drop off score sheets or other related materials.

Each team must agree, however, on who does the score keeping for the match.  Generally, the HOME team or individual should do the scoring input.  You must keep track of and record bonus points.  The Score keeping App will not let you play too few or too many games.  It will also help with tracking rackless matches, compute races, and enter/review scores AS IT HAPPENS.


Late arrival

Matches are to begin at the designated time set for the league session.  At least one (1) player on a team must be present at the playing venue no later than fifteen (15) minutes after the scheduled start time.  For Example: If your matches are set to begin at 7:00pm, a minimum of one player on the roster must be present by 7:15pm.  This means there is a grace period of 15 minutes, before the team present may notify us that the team not present forfeited.


Make up matches

There will be times when a team will not be able to play... life happens, we understand that. The team that is unable to participate in the scheduled match must notify the opposing team at least 4 hours prior to the scheduled match time.  Failure to do so may, at the opposing teams option, result in a forfeit.

Make up matches must be played prior to the next scheduled match (typically the following week).


Adding new players

Teams may add players up to and including the fifth week of league play (later with extenuating circumstances).  However, players may not change teams once they have played a match for a team in the same league.


New Player Skill Levels

To maintain the integrity of the Skill level system, NAPA has provided tools that aide the League Operators in the determination of initial skill levels of players. In cases where determine the reasonable accuracy of a new player exist - Guidelines indicate that men shall be given a skill level of 50, and women will be given a skill level of 40; whereas,  in the case of Youths, initial skill levels shall be granted at a skill level of 20.

League Operators must be prepared to defend their initial skill assessment, when it deviates from the recommended 50, 40, and 20 points provided as guidance.


Maximum Handicap Points

If your team has a player whose handicap is 110 or above, as part of the match handicap point calculations, their handicap will be treated as 110.  For example, if you play a player whose handicap is 122, only 110 points will be deducted from the available match play points.



We take a hard line on sandbagging.  If you suspect someone is sandbagging, bring it to our attention.  If it is deemed plausible that they are sandbagging - they will be forwarded to NAPA.  NAPA HQ will make a ruling.  Usually the ruling is to either increase their handicap by 30 points or to be banned from NAPA.


TIES (Teams & MVPs)

NAPA HQ takes care of tracking all of the relevant information needed to make the determination as to the outcome of a tie.  Statistics are evaluated in this order:

  1. Most team matches won during the regular season (i.e. your record)
  2. The team that won the most head-to-head matches between the teams that are tied
  3. The Top point shooter for each team that has the most points.

For MVPs, there is no tie breaker!  Both (or all) that are tied receive MVP status.

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