Maximize your score and potential payouts

In any competition, it is important to maximize the results of your efforts.  Not marking break and runs and making the game ball on the break only hurts your score and could affect your potential payout at the end of the session. 

You and your team get a point for every rackless, every break and run and every time you make a game ball on the break.  Get 23 points in a single match and you are entered into the Hall of Hustlers for even more payout opportunity.

In the most recent session at Stixx and Stones Double Trouble Mondays, 1 point separated 3rd, 4th, and 5th.  Every single point matters!

Hall of Hustlers

Hall of Hustlers awards are achieved by scoring a total of 23 points in a single match.  You will receive a certificate along with a posting on the DFWNAPA facebook page recognizing your outstanding effort and play (Note to mention part of the prize bounty at the end of the session).

Scoring Overview

In general, scoring follows this convention.  Some leagues will have a different made it to the hill scoring.

0 - forfeit
1 - showing up
14 - loss
20 - win

Bonus Points
4 - Make it to the hill
1 - Rackless
1 - Break and Run
1 - On the Snap


DFWNAPA prides itself on providing the highest payouts possible to their players (50% of everything paid in gets returned to the players in cash, trophies, etc.).  As part of the league kick-off, captains of the teams decide how the payouts are determined, THE PLAYERS decide... that's right, DFWNAPA has the captains and players decide how to divvy up the prize bounty for each session!

Note, prize money varies in each league based on the results of that meeting and the league fees paid for each match.

"DFWNAPA - League for Players by Players"

NAPA is the 2nd fastest growing League in North America with high CASH payouts, simple online scoring and multiple Co-Nationals locations throught the year. DFWNAPA was formed to give Pool players a variety of League formats, Team sizes and flexibilty of sceduling matches. We at DFWNAPA are constantly coming up ways to offer fun and competitive League experiences to our players.

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