NAPA HQ mandates that at least 50% if the league fees be paid out in prizes in some form or fashion.  This can be Cash, Trophies, Banquets, event Trips if desired. Remember, there are no annual fees to play in a NAPA league, so players pay less and get better benefits.

Prize Pool

Payouts will be displayed in detail before week 5 of each session on the Divisions details page. Before the league begins the available prize pool is determined - this may changed as teams or players are added or drop from the league... by the fifth week everything stabilizes.

Player and Team Commitments

Remember that a commitment to play is for the length of the session.  If a team drops out during the session and/or causes a bye, the pays and schedule will change.  Payouts listed are not guaranteed, but are a good estimate based on all scheduled matches being played.

Some guidelines we use to determine payouts are listed below.

MVP Awards

When there are less than 8 teams, the MVP cash award may not be given (voted by the league captains). A Trophy will always be given.

Tied Teams

There is a possibility that teams could tie.  Here are the rules related to determining the placement and breaking the tie.

After the final week of regular play, if two or more teams are tied in the point standings, the tie breaker is to be determined by the following criteria, in this exact order:

  1. Most team matches won during regular play for that session
  2. The team that won the most head-to-head matches between the teams that are tied, during regular play for that session
  3. The Top point shooter for each team that has the most points, during regular play for that session

In the case of MVPs, there is no tie breaker - both are qualified and considered MVPs.

"DFWNAPA - League for Players by Players"

NAPA is the 2nd fastest growing League in North America with high CASH payouts, simple online scoring and multiple Co-Nationals locations throught the year. DFWNAPA was formed to give Pool players a variety of League formats, Team sizes and flexibilty of sceduling matches. We at DFWNAPA are constantly coming up ways to offer fun and competitive League experiences to our players.

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