How to pick good team members

Finding good team members is an important aspect to help ensure that everyone has a great time and enjoys themselves.  There is nothing worse than having a troublesome player on your team - it lowers morale and it hurts the whole team.

Here are some helpful guidelines that will help you pick the right teammates.


1. Are they dependable?  Not only will they have to show up -- they have to pay. We recommend that each team create a group text message or Facebook message so they can communicate directly with each other - this way players can coordinate who is or isn't playing each week when you have extra players.

2. Are their goals aligned with the team? Personalities and goals affect how the team performs and alignment increases the morale of the team. Do they want to win at any cost? Do they want to play to just have fun?  Is it a social event to hang out with friends?  Making sure your teammates are all on the same page will increase the enjoyment of playing.

3. Do they like the home venue? It is important that players on the team enjoy playing at their home venue, because at least half of the matches will be played there.  If they don't like the venue for whatever reason it will be an uphill effort to keep them engaged with the team.

4. How often do they/can they shoot? Some players just want to be an occasional substitute player - others want to play every week.  Its important to strike a balance in players so that everyone is satisfied.

5. Do you get along with them?  Let's face it personalities clash - its important to get along with everyone on your team... after all you are going to be spending several hours at a time with them.

6. Skill Levels and Handicap.  Although less of a factor than some leagues - a good mix of skill levels makes for a better team.  Not all teams will have "A" players, so having a mix will allow you to mix and match players against other teams. 

7. How will the money be split up?  If the goal is to win money, and lets face it - we could all use more! It is very important that the team talk about how the money is split up.  Is it split up based on the number of players?  What about by how many games/matches each player plays?  These are things that should be decided ahead of time.  We provide a single team payout to the captain to split between his teammates.

Find players with similar interests and goals with a mix of skill levels is a recipe for fun an success!

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