Why Play NAPA?

No Annual Dues

Other leagues charge an annual fee just to be able to play, some as much as $25 per year.  NAPA does not charge anyone to join a NAPA league!

Electronic, Simple Scoring

Paperless and real time.  Players can score, or watch the scoring in real time... Scoring is easy - wins and losses, no counting balls, safeties or innings.  Its about having fun, and most of all playing pool! Tracking Wins and things like 8 ball breaks in with a single click - now that's easy!

Flexible formats

With NAPA you can have 3,4 or 5 person teams.  You can play Singles, Scotch Doubles, or even Scotch Triples!  Games include 8 ball, 9 ball, 10 ball.  Scotch Doubles are great for couples or parent-child teams!  Four person teams are great for 2 couples, or teams that just love to have fun - but not stay out all night during the week!.

Higher, Deeper Payouts

NAPA leagues pay out 50% in some form or fashion, including trophies, banquets, and cash! We also play 50% of the teams, not just the top 2 or 3 teams - and still the payouts are higher than other leagues.

Local major tour stops

The Dallas-Fort Worth metropolis is a hot bed for pool, and NAPA is bringing two events a year to our area!  The last event had people from several hundred miles away coming to play - with cash and prizes paid out over $9500! To play in a local tour stop, you only need to have played 10 matches during the previous year or so!

Local major league tournament

That's right, selected leagues are invited to play in a local league (DFWNAPA-only) tournament annually.  Eligibility for that tournament is that your league/division must be participating, and you must have played at least 5 matches in 2 of the last 3 sessions.

Accurate Skill Level system

Your Skill level changes each time you play, the skill level affects the races you play against your opponents.  An effective handicap system means that you always have close to a 50%/50% chance of winning your match no matter what your skill level is. All skill levels and races are visible on on your own page, as well as histories of every match you have played.

NAPA Headquarters controls your Skill Level, local League Operators have no ability to change or influence your skill level once you have joined the league and started playing.

Skill Levels range from 0 to virtually no upper limit, this takes care of cases where players are shoe horned into a small range of numbers like 2-7, and helps to eliminate those Super-7s for example - leveling the playing field even further.

"DFWNAPA - League for Players by Players"

NAPA is the 2nd fastest growing League in North America with high CASH payouts, simple online scoring and multiple Co-Nationals locations throught the year. DFWNAPA was formed to give Pool players a variety of League formats, Team sizes and flexibilty of sceduling matches. We at DFWNAPA are constantly coming up ways to offer fun and competitive League experiences to our players.

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