9302 - Sunday Stixx inhouse Junior 8-ball League

This league plays Singles 8-ball every Sunday from 1:00pm until 4:00pm (times may vary with practice/warmup times and length of matches). This League currently plays out of Stixx and Stones. Only Juniors can play in this league.

Prize Money

Prize money is initially estimated to be $390.00; the calculation used to arrive at this number is
13 Rounds x 6 Matches x 2 People per Match x $2.50 (50% of the fees)

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About this League

This league is geared towards junior players wanting to explore and improve at the game.  Ideal skill levels for the players are between 10 and 30; making the game challenging - yet enjoyable for everyone playing.

Continuous coaching and teaching are available to help the juniors not only understand the game better, but to work on improving their fundamentals. There will be multiple coaches in the facility during the time window of the league.

Prize Payouts

NAPA ensures that at least 50% of the league fees in a combination of banquets, trophies and prize money.

In the case of this Junior league, we work closely with several local companies to improve the prize giveaways to include equipment as part of the prizes.  Generally this does not detract from the payouts afforded to the members via their league fees.

In addition, because this is a Singles league, final standings will be determined by the Flex Point Standings rather than the Leaderboard; Forfeits are not taken into account - therefore the "Adjusted Actual Points" are used to determine the individual standings.

Session Status

This information is updated on a regular basis to reflect the currently collected prize money and often includes prize distribution information.

Matches Played: 94
Week: Week 13 of 13 Completed

Current Prize Money: $235
DFWNAPA Annual Event Contribution: $0

Last Updated on 1/31/2021

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