Can I play in a Tour Stop or the National Event?

To play in any of the NAPA tournaments, you must be a NAPA league player.  If you are not a NAPA league player, now is a good time to register with multiple events multiple times a year.  You can register here. If would would like more information about NAPA, there is quite a bit of material here, including links to important information on the official NAPA HQ web site.  If you would like more information, you can Contact Us using the form on this site and we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Here is how to find out if you can play in one of the official NAPA events:

  • Go to  and enter your last name or your player id if you know it. If there are a lot of results, you can filter the list by changing North America to the state you live in (in this case generally that will be Texas).
  • Click on your name
  • On your profile page you will see your Current NAPA Rewards Points (NRP) and color coded under the section of last match.
  • Above the Skill Levels section you will find a link for "Tour Eligibility". Click it.
  • Here you will find Tour Stops and NAPA Nationals listed. On each tour stop you will see information such as NRP required, your NRP, and the fees for that tour stop. It will also say "Qualified?". If it says yes you are qualified. If it says no you are not qualified. You can keep scrolling down until you find the Tour Stop you are interested in or NAPA Nationals.
  • If you do not find the tour stop or even you are looking for, you can click on "Home" in the navigation bar, then click on either "Pool Shooters Tour" for regular tour events, or "Super Shooters" for the Nationals event.  Clicking "Details' will bring you to a page that shows the information along with a pre-registration link.
"DFWNAPA - League for Players by Players"

NAPA is the 2nd fastest growing League in North America with high CASH payouts, simple online scoring and multiple Co-Nationals locations throught the year. DFWNAPA was formed to give Pool players a variety of League formats, Team sizes and flexibilty of sceduling matches. We at DFWNAPA are constantly coming up ways to offer fun and competitive League experiences to our players.

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