DFWNAPA Local Bylaws

With the agreement of the team captains, DFWNAPA has added the following bylaws, or clarifying rules to improve play.

Venue Added Money

If the venue contributes prize money, it will be split in the same ratio for the placements for the teams or individuals for singles leagues.

League Payments

All League payments must be sent to the League Operator (John Bergman) via the electronic method agreed upon.  Team captains should collect the money for their players and send it for the whole team. Cash will no longer be accepted.

    1. When Sending money, note the league name, team name, location and day of the week to ensure the payment is properly processed.
    2. Available payment methods are as follows:

Team Player Attendance

When players are present during the match, but opt to leave prior to the end of the match - that team is not allowed to play players more than once instead of the player that left.  Instead the two teams have the option of forfeit or make up matches.


Respect your opponent, your opponents team and your team.  Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.  One Warning, if it happens again you are banned for a year from the league.

Earbuds / Earplugs

It is not acceptable to wear earbuds or other electronic ear devices (with the exception of hearing aides) during play.  You may, however, wear non-electronic earplugs if desired.

Phone Calls

Phone calls should not be taken during your match - focus on your match.  If you receive call, let the caller know you will call them back after your match is over.

Session Completion (Added 6-15-2022)

All scheduled matches must be completed prior to the end of the night on the last day of the session.  The ONLY exception to this is if a player on a Singles, Scotch Doubles/Triples player has COVID, that match must be played within 7 days of the end of the season.


We understand that players get sick.  When at all possible, reschedule PRIOR TO THE DAY OF THE MATCH.

For Singles, Scotch Doubles/Triples matches -  Failure to provide at least ninety (90) minutes notice will result in a forfeiture.  If you are unable to contact your opponent, please notify the local league representative or league operator for help.

For Teams - because we use the forfeit savior rule throughout the league session, you may substitute a player for a missing player - note, however, the opposing team gets to choose which player will play the match for the missing player.

In the event a session must be terminated prior to the final week and the number of completed weeks is 9 or less; all player payout money held at that point will be distributed based on the Points earned to up to that point.

"DFWNAPA - League for Players by Players"

NAPA is the 2nd fastest growing League in North America with high CASH payouts, simple online scoring and multiple Co-Nationals locations throught the year. DFWNAPA was formed to give Pool players a variety of League formats, Team sizes and flexibilty of sceduling matches. We at DFWNAPA are constantly coming up ways to offer fun and competitive League experiences to our players.

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