Team Captain Duties

Being a team captain brings with it some additional responsibilities.  Below you will find a list, along with pointers on the specific tasks.



Recruit a team that fits within the guidelines of the skill levels for that league.  Each league's page indicates the maximum number of points per team that can be played in a single night.  Gather up a couple of substitute players so that you have extra in case some players can't make the match. (This is less of an issue with NAPA, because we use the Forfeit Savior rules -- as long as one person shows up, the all matches could be played assuming that player doesn't go over the skill cap for the night - although less than ideal that's for sure).

Prepare for the Match

If your team desires, print out the match schedule, weekly scratch sheet, and competition sheet.  Note, this is not really needed when you are using electronic scoring.

Home Team

Determine which table(s) play which games.  Determine which team has to put up first.

Who will Play

Decide which of your players will play.  Generally its recommended you setup a group text message or Facebook chat to communicate with your team before the match. Each player will LAG for the break (no coin tosses); winner of the LAG must break unless the league is playing a laggers choice match.


When you are the home team, you are responsible for scoring the match.  In cases of Double Play, the home team will score one match while the visiting team will score the other.  It is the responsibility of both teams to monitor the outcome of the match and make sure it is scored correctly.

Collect Team Dues

Collect the payment for all of the matches played from each player.  Send payment using the designated payment methods found HERE.  Each team is responsible for their own payment. Ultimately it is the captain's responsibility to make sure the full payment has been sent within 24 hours of the match being played.

The Team captain is not responsible for paying dues for matches that are forfeited -- the TEAM is responsible.  The captain is responsible for sending the payment to DFWNAPA.

Questions and Processes

The team captain should be familiar with the rules of the games being played.  This includes the general NAPA processes as well.

The team captain should monitor games for fair play, sportsmanship, and for player fouls.

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