Good sportsmanship is at the core of any competition.  In many games, including pool, players meet to compete in a well define contest with well defined rules. Players are required to tell each other exactly what is about to occur and what their intentions are before they take their turn.

Any referee or tournament directory will tell you about the problems they had to mitigate because of poor or non-existent communication between players.  Most times, all controversy can be eliminated if the players had only communicated directly with each other - hence making their intent known.

While playing NAPA, we encourage all players to be open, friendly, and polite communicate during their match.

1. When you are at the table, pay attention to how your shot looks to the other player.  If you think there is a chance your opponent might not understand or interpret your intent, be sure to call that shot.

2. When shots are called, they should be called clearly and concisely.  Preferably looking at your opponent during the communication to help ensure they understand your gesture or speech related to what you are about to do.  You should indicate which ball and which pocket.

3. When your opponent is shooting, you should pay attention to the game.  If your opponent is communicating what they are about to do - and you do not understand... ask them to clarify it.

4. Generally speaking all banks, carroms, and potentially shots that could target multiple poclets must be called.  In other words all non-obvious shots must be called; There are no exceptions under and circumstances.

5. It is the players responsibility to choose their shot correctly.  You have no obligation to clarify that they are shooting the wrong ball or group unless specifically asked.

6. Do not allow personality conflicts affect your efforts to communicate your intent.


Remember - good communication is simply good sportsmanship.  Good sportsmanship is required of all players.

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