How to Score a Match

Before you Start

Determine the division or league that you are playing in (you will need it's id). This will be key to successfully using the online app to enter or monitor the scoring.


Open the NAPA Play web app

Navigate your browser to There you will see several options that are useful while participating in a match, whether you are scoring, monitoring, or the team captain.

  • Player Center
  • Score Boards
  • Keep Score

You will need to use the Captain's Player Id to log into the app when scoring a team match.  When scoring a singles match, you will use your own NAPA Player Id.


Player Center

To access the player center you must use your division or league Id along with your NAPA Player Id.

Here you can view:

  • The comp sheet for your match
  • The weekly Scratch
  • The Schedule
  • The live scoreboard for your division as it actually happens
  • The race matrix for new players
  • The Rules for your format.

For best experience, logout when you are done.


Score Boards (Live Score Board)

To access this option, all you need is the division or league Id.  This gives you all of the ongoing matches for that division as they are happening.  You can view your own match, as well here - or you can look at what other leagues are doing.

NOTE: The team not keeping score should monitor the match using this option to help ensure that the score keeping is correct.  Play particular attention to the bonus points given - you want to be sure players get all of the points they deserve.

Press Go Back when done.


Keep Score

Choose the type of match you are scoring (i.e. singles, scotch doubles, teams, etc); then enter the division or league Id along with your Player Id (for singles), or the Captain's Player Id for any of the other formats. Then click Sign-in.

NOTE: Only one person can keep score! Everyone else can monitor the scores on the Live Score Board.

Here you can view and do many things. Enter a match up, view the Comp sheet, the scratch sheet, the schedule, the live scoreboard, add a player, send NAPA a message, view the race matrix and rules, and logout.

At the top you will see home team and visiting team. The progressive team skill level total will be displayed as you enter the matches (along with the limit).

Enter a Match

  • Click "Enter a Match up"
  • If it is a make-up match, choose yes
  • Click on the down arrow or in the space to select the winner of the lag. Choose from the correct team. A comp sheet will also appear below the winner of the lag and opponent.
  • Click on the down arrow or in the space to select their opponent from the other team. Click submit.
  • Notice the team skill levels changed on top. That is the team handicap total at that point. Everything is entered for you. The yellow boxes are the maximum number of games allowed.
  • When the first game is complete click the box for the winner of game 1. The wins total on the far right will change. Mark each game as it is won and the total keeps changing. If you mark the wrong winner of a game you can change it by selecting the correct game for the right player.
  • Click the down arrow to select the number of bonus points like 8 on the break (snaps) or break and run (BO) or rackless. Keep a running total of BO (Break and Outs) and snaps. Rackless is either a yes or no. Should put a “N” when it appears like it is a rackless when it is not. For example, won the break and all games but fouled on a break thus losing the rackless. The hill to hill bonus point will be added automatically.
  • When the match is complete click “finished”. A pop up window will come up if the player on top shows they won the lag and all the games asking if it was a rackless match. Just press "Yes" or "No". The scores will turn red showing the match has been sent off to NAPA.
  • You can enter another matchup at the same time if you are running two tables. Just click “enter a matchup” again and enter the second match. You can do this at the same time as the first match.
  • You will notice an “X” by a player that has played to prevent you from selecting him twice.


No one likes them, but here is how to handle them.

  • Forfeits must be the last match(es). Enter the player that will receive the forfeit the usual way.  The team receiving the forfeit (the one whose player is present) must list the player first.
  • Click FORFEIT on the team having to forfeit.  Its located at the bottom of the team's roster for the team that has to forfeit.
  • Click Finished.


You can keep track of timeouts by:

  • Clicking on the winner of the lag.  A window will come up with the correct number of timeouts for each player.  Simply close the window to finish.

Made a Mistake?

Made a mistake, like wrong person or player wrong the lag.  You can start all over again if you haven't clicked finish. Notice there is an "X" to the left of the match - this deletes the entire match.. then you can enter the correct data.  The app will confirm that you really want to delete the match.

If you marked the wrong game for the wrong person, simply mark the game for the right person and it changes.

What if you already clicked finished?  The match will still be displayed but where there was an "X" to the left of the match, there will now be an "E" for Edit.  Click "E" and the match will return so you can make adjustments or delete the entire match.


Adding a Player

You can easily add a player using the web app.

  • Click on Add Player
  • Choose "Existing" or "New".  For an existing player, click the down arrow and find the new player and click on them to add them.  For a brand new player, enter the name, gender and starting skill level. 

NOTE: If you need to add a new player, please call the League Operator so that we have a chance to verify that the skill level you entered is correct.


Send Message to NAPA

You can easily send a message to NAPA HQ, such as player X did not get a rackless because they fouled on the break; or Team X will do a makeup match Friday, etc.



Remember, once you have sent all the matches to NAPA HQ, you should Logout for the best possible experience.  All skill levels are updated by 9:00AM this next morning and sometimes sooner!



Cannot Sign into Player Center

There are several possible reasons as to why you cannot log into the Player Center.

  • You might be using the wrong league/division id for your league
  • You may be using the wrong NAPA Id.  It should be your Player Id.


Cannot Sign into Score Keeper

There are several possibilities as to why you cannot log into the Score Keeper.

  • Someone else is logged in as score keeper - only one person can use this in a match
  • You might be using the wrong league/division id for your league
  • You might be using the wrong NAPA Id.  For team matches it must be one of the Captain's IDs - for singles you would use one of the player IDs.


Double Clicking a win, gives me 2 wins

Do not double click.  You should only click the win checkbox a single time after a match. Clicking the game box gives you a win, so you really don't have to even click the individual wins checkbox.


I cannot add a new player

You will not be able to add a new player after the 5th week.  If there are extenuating circumstances, you can contact us using the contact for, or call us and we will determine whether the new player can/should be added.


I cannot do a timeout on the loser of the lag

Timeouts can only be accessed by clicking on the winner of the lag.  Both players show up there and you will be able to record the timeout

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