9481 - Monday Night Stixx Double Play - 8 Ball

This league plays 4-Person Team 8-ball every Monday from 7:00pm to 11:00pm (times may vary with practice/warmup times and length of matches). This League currently plays out of Stixx and Stones. Anyone can play in this league.

Prize Money

Prize money is initially estimated to be $2,352.00; the calculation used to arrive at this number is
(8 Teams of 4 Players x 21 weeks) => 8 Teams of 4 players Playing x 21 weeks x $2,352

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About this League

This is part of a Double-Trouble (8-ball and 9-ball) league, and is geared for players of all skill levels.


Prize Payouts

NAPA ensures that at least 50% of the league fees in a combination of banquets, trophies, Equipment and/or prize money is paid out.

Captains of the teams will vote on how the distribution will be made early in the session (generally within the first week of play).

Session Details and Decisions

The following was discussed and agreed upon by a majority at the Captains Meeting on January 17th; all captains or a designated appointee by the team.  Changes to this information will require unanimous approval.

Number of Teams 8
Team Size 4
Number of Weeks 21
Start Date January 17th, 2021
End Date June 6th, 2022
Max Team Skill Level 280
Use Forfeit Savior Yes
Hill to Hill Bonus 3 Points
Pay for Forfeited Matches Yes
Player Dues $7.00 ($3.50 to prize fund, $1.00 to DFWNapa League Annual Event)

Player Payouts
Total Estimated Prize Pool $2,352
Top Male Shooter $100
Top Female Shooter $100
Hall of Hustlers Award $25
Break and Runs $5
On the Snap $5
Rackless $5
Rack and Run $0

Team Prize Money
1st Place 40%
2nd Place 30%
3rd Place 20%
Lottery 10%

Lottery will be decided using the "deck of cards" method.  8th place gets 1, 7th place gets 2, 6th place gets 3, 5th place gets 4, 4th place gets 5. A non-player, unbiased individual will draw from the cards.

Session Status

This information is updated on a regular basis to reflect the currently collected prize money and often includes prize distribution information.

Matches Played: 632
Week: Week 21 of 21 Completed

Current Prize Money: $2212.00
DFWNAPA Annual Event Contribution: $632

Last Updated on 6/30/2021

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